Who is Semper Fresh?





Born and Raised in Detroit, Michigan. Tweezy grew up on the eastside of Detroit. Instilled with hard work and hustle his passion for music was from birth. Being a drummer in the Marching band at Area E Academy and an athlete he always dreamed bigger than life. After high school, instead of College, he chose to join the United States Marine Corps. At Parris Island, SC he met his best friend and future business partner Kadeem. Music stayed important to his everyday life, and he purchased a Fantom X6 after his first deployment. After spending their first four years in the Marines. Tweezy deployed one more time for a year in 2008.  Becoming a combat veteran within that time, Tweezy continued his career and became a Marine Recruiter. After his successful tour on recruiting, he returned to Camp Pendleton, CA to finished his enlistment. He was Honorably Discharged in May 2015 and since has linked back with Kadeem and created Semper Fresh LLC and focused on his music production too. Be on the lookout (B.O.L.O.) Da Beat Terrorist is his music production name and Semper Fresh will be a household name.




Kadeem Walker was born on 15 November 1984 and raised in Savannah Georgia up until the time he was 18 years old. After realizing that life in Savannah didn’t seem too promising for him, Mr. Walker decided to join the United States Marine Corps on 5 January 2004. Mr. Walker served in three combat tours to Iraqi from 2005-2007 with four months of recovery time and training in between each deployment. Kadeem was also a Drill Instructor on Parris Island where he had the honor of transforming over 500 civilians into United States Marines. After completing 10 years of honorable service to the Corps Mr. Walker started a new career as a Pump Operator for a Canadian based oil field company. Currently, Mr. Walker works as the Inventory Management Specialist for the House Office Buildings and is the CEO of Semper Fresh LLC. Throughout Mr. Walker’s life urban culture, fashion, and hustle has been cultivated by his love for becoming better than the rest and inspiring others to embrace cultural and be able to turn the fashion that he loves into self-profit.


Missions Statement:


It is our goal to inspire men, women, and children across the world to embrace one another no matter what environment they originate from. Live, Love, and Learn the attitudes and expressions of fashionable culture.



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